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About Us

The Wimmera Health Grain Company is operating in the heart of the Victorian Wheat-belt at Murtoa, 300km north - west of Melbourne, at this stage concentrating on improving the quality of Australia grown Spelt. The need for this became apparent through complaints from Spelt enthusiasts, mainly people of European origin, who where disappointed in Spelt they could find here. They claimed it varied greatly in quality, most of the kernel had husk and cracked residues with it and certified organic also contained a multitude of foreign grain including the very grain Spelt consumers wanted to get away from and various weed seeds, all can of course not be seen in flour. These valid claims are probably due to the fact that most certified farmers are not professional grain growers and thus not equipped with the expertise to keep grain varieties pure.

In order to achieve consistent and even top quality:

We firstly set out to identify the best professional grain growers interested in restoring the health of their soil and growing grain without the use of artificial fertilizer and persistent chemicals. We invited them to become part owners of the company. 18 top growers were selected over a wide area spaning from the Riverena in NSW to the Western District of Victoria to insure continuity of supply in case of crop failure in certain districts. Our closed group of growers are now capable of growing enough top quality Bio-Spelt to satisfy most of the present Australian demand.

Secondly we found a Bio-consultant with outstanding success in restoring soil health to work with our growers. The John Pannan organization of Horsham has achieved great results in organics and our company growers adhere strictly to their instructions based on soil tests to prepare an area for organically grown Spelt. We also only use the one original strain of Spelt, to be sure to avoid such allergy problems as were recently contributed to overseas flour with certification number. We know that modified strains of Spelt are now used overseas. We mainly market organically and chemical free grown Spelt, but also have some certified growers. Spelt grown with artificial fertilizer and pesticides will definitely not be handled by us.

Thirdly we are first and only operating with the best Spelt husking and sorting technology imported from Germany. This process achieves the cleanest sample of undamaged Spelt kernel. Although we trust our chosen group of growers to strictly adhere to the organic growing principals we still insist on samples to be laboratory analysed and tested for chemical residue before it can be accepted. With our Spelt strain, our elite growers, bio-consultants and our processing plant we believe we are in a position to claim our Spelt is as good as it can get. Happy clients tell us, ours is the cleanest and best Spelt kernel they have ever used. We are confident that this will eventually become widely known, but in the short term we still aim for greater market share and always welcome new clients.