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Welcome to our website.

If you are a person that has experienced the health benefits from switching to Spelt then you will find vital and interesting information here. If on the other hand you are someone that just wants to investigate Spelt and especially the Australian situation then you have reached the ideal site.

You will learn that there are three distinct categories of Spelt you can choose from, with the dearest but not necessarily the best being the one with a certification number. Then there is the opposite and cheapest namely conventionally grown with artificial fertilizers and use of chemicals, achieving higher yields - we do not supply this category. The third has a price range somewhere between the two and is the one we advocate as having the best purity and quality assurance. 100% organically grown and classified as Bio and chemical free grown Spelt, this category is now the most popular in America and here it is Wimmera Health Grain Spelt.     more info